Strength. Agility. Bilstein Built.

A Legacy of Engineering Excellence

For over 80 years, Bilstein has defined suspension performance through relentless innovation and German engineering precision. What started as a family business has become a global leader with a proven history of revolutionary technologies.

Purpose-Built Quality

Each Bilstein component is manufactured to withstand the toughest conditions on the street or track. Only the highest-grade materials pass rigorous standards to deliver legendary sturdiness. Their suspensions represent the pinnacle of structural integrity.

Tailored for any Application

Whether for luxury vehicles or championship-winning race suits, Bilstein's extensive catalog contains precisely engineered solutions. Alternatives span the needs of weekend autocrossers to professional rally teams.

Direct OEM Precision

Bilstein is the choice of the industry's leading manufacturers. As an established factory supplier, their systems balance critical factors like handling, stability, and comfort at the highest standards.

Dedication to the Driving Enthusiast

Above all, Bilstein is committed to empowering drivers through trusted, transformative products. A knowledgeable team assists with selecting the right control and support for any ability or ambition. Loyal customers continue turning to the brand's expertise for a lifetime of dependable performance.

With unrelenting focus on mechanical perfection and motorsports-inspired spirit, Bilstein remains the preeminent brand for suspension authority without compromise. Their legacy of engineering excellence inspires confidence in every curve.


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